Meeting point at the bottom of the Archaeological Park of Cuma. Guided tour to the acropolis.
In a relatively confined area, the tour of the Archaelogical Park of Cuma allows to catch the developing of the history. The Greek defensive structures of the VI century b.C and the modifications of the urban plan of the city are perfectly visible, while the Samnite mausoleum shows the ideological innovations of the Campanian cultures.
The acceptance of Cuma to the Roman Republic leaded to a great economic development, highlighted by the big architectural structure brought to light in the last few years.
Completed the guided tour in Cuma, transfer by shuttle to the Aragonese Castle of Baia.
Currently it hosts the Phlegraean Archeological Museum, where are exposed interesting archaelogical findings that help to reconstruct the history of Cuma, Pozzuoli, Misenum, Bacoli, Liternum and Rione Terra.

The routes are very well-structured and the rarities are conveniently highlighted, also giving them the right artistic emphasis. From the terraces and the ramparts it is possible to enjoy beautiful sights.

Where: Pozzuoli/Bacoli
Duration: 6H plus 1H for lunch break
Lenght:about 2 km with slopes
Difficulty: Medium