It is not possible to visit the land of the myth and not stopping to the Flavian Amphitheatre and the Serapis’ Temple. In the field of the photography, the two most important archaelogical sites of Pozzuoli offer interesting and unique insights. The majestic “stadium” from the Roman times, where gladiators challenged and fierce battles with beasts were performed, it is perfectly preserved. Irresistible to admire are the undergrounds, where is possible to understand what happened behind the scenes of the amphitheatre.
Temple of Serapis, the Roman market which animated the port of the ancient Puteoli – and formerly considered a temple dedicated to Serapis god – it is peerless in its kind, not only for its typical colonnade, but also for the signs that the bradyseism has left on the archaelogical remains. It is considered not only for its historical value, but also as a proof of the “dancing land”, as are called the Phlegraean Fields.

Where: Pozzuoli
Duration: 4H – 6H with lunch break
Lenght: about 2km, mostly descending
Difficulty: Medium