Historical tour through the streets of Pozzuoli

Meeting point and departure from Largo Palazzine (in corner with corso Terracciano) in the upper part of the historical centre. We will go to discover the Flavian Amphitheatre, built in the first century a.D by the same architects and with the same materials of the Colosseum in Rome. It is the third largest amphitheatre in Italy, after that in Capua and the Colosseum itself, but thanks to the state of preservation of its undergoround, only in Pozzuoli it is possible to understand the complicated organization behind the realization of various exhibitions, that took place in this beautiful arena.
At the conclusion of the guided tour we will move to the city centre. En route we will see the “Tibicines’ Collegium” area, also called “Flautists’ School”.

Going down via the rampe Raffaello Causa we will arrive to the very centre of Pozzuoli, in piazza della Repubblica. From there we will go to discover the Temple of Serapis, wrongly so-called because of the finding of a statue representing the Greek-Egyptian god.
Two thousands years before of the malls, Puteoli has conceived and built its cleringhouse of goods  served by a big port.

Where: Pozzuoli
Duration: 3.30H with coffee break/ 6H with lunch break*
Lenght: about 2km, mostly descending
Difficulty: Low
*Before the break the guide leaves.