The Magic of the Fireflies.

Small stars of summer nights, fireflies are back. These little insects, completely anonymous at day and night, become the protagonists of one of the greatest shows in nature: bioluminescence. Their light dance begins at sunset, throwing intermittent love calls, to go off in the middle of summer. With the return promise the following year.

There are few uncontaminated places in the Flegrei Fields where to look at the magic of fireflies. Our itineraries provide two fascinating places: Lake D’Averno and Monte Gauro.

The ingredients are simple: a walk in the nature to admire the magic of the fireflies accompanied by the best Phlegrae flavors. The myth, colors, and stories that reside on the shores of the “mouth of the underworld”.

Accompanied by our guides, we will immerse ourselves in the magic of the fireflies that populate the woods. The paths provide the opportunity to dine with us, at the Wineries of the Aventura, a historic Flegreo vineyard.